About Sizzler Grill House

Located at 357 Bilsland Dr, Glasgow G20 9LT, Sizzler Grill House is a food takeaway where you can find Pizzas, Kebabs, Curry Dishes, Burgers, Mexican foods and other delicious dishes that you can order online and get 10% off!

Do you fancy a burger that’s freshly made or pre-made? That was rhetorical; of course, you would like a fresh one! Sizzler Grill House is NOW OPEN!

We believe that the finer pleasures in life have a taste worth discovering, and we are here to inspire the recipes that bring people together.

If you fancy a pizza with a wide selection of ingredients, you are at the right place; our chef's offer is Free Choice pizza. Top up your pizza with your own ideas and creations!

As we are situated near Ruchill Park, families who picnic there usually order meals from us.

We take the standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and adhere to all COVID-19 rules during preparing, packaging and delivering the food to guarantee the safety of our customers and staff.

We hope the memory of our food lingers and encourages you to return again and again.

If you have any questions or suffer from any allergies, please get in touch with us before ordering, by calling us on 01419455959.

We’ll be seeing you soon!

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